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We meet on the third Wednesday of each month, 7.30pm at: Room 16/17, Newstead College, 30 Cypress Street, Newstead, as shown to the left (click to enlarge view). Our trips also meet at Newstead College in the adjacent carpark as shown on the map below. Please check trips calendar for relevant times and remember to arrive 10 minutes early at the carpark before the trip departs, so the bus can leave on time. Click on the map icons for more information.

Meetings are an opportunity to keep up to date on club business, hear more details about upcoming Club trips and events, see photos of recent trips, and chat to trip coordinators and other members over a cuppa and supper. Every second meeting is a 'Photo Night' with less club business and more of what we are really about ... enjoying the outdoors. This can include guest speakers, gear demonstrations, photo presentations of epic overseas adventures undertaken by club members, and entries in our two annual photo competitions.


New member information

People wishing to join the club are required to complete a suitable day trip with the club as a visitor before they can apply for membership. For most people, a 'suitable trip' means an easy to moderate day walk, or alternatively a cycling trip. It is suggested (but not essential) that prospective new members come along to one of our Wednesday night meetings before their first walk. The Memberships Officer can suggest suitable upcoming trips, introduce you to the coordinators, and advise you what equipment you will need.

If you can't make it to a meeting, please contact us via facebook or email. After completing a suitable trip as a visitor, the trip coordinator and another club member will sign your membership application form which can then be processed.