Terms and Conditions Agreement


Information Privacy Agreement

The Members’ and Prospective Members’ areas of the website contain personal information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses and medical conditions. I agree to respect other people’s privacy and only use their personal information in ways that are necessary for the operation of Launceston Walking Club activities. In particular, I agree to not pass on the personal information of a Member or Prospective Member without first obtaining their permission to do so.


Injury, Damage and Loss Waiver

Activities undertaken by the Launceston Walking Club include bushwalking, camping, mountain climbing, cycling, kayaking, rafting, skiing and caving. These can involve a high risk of injury. The hazards that participants might be exposed to can include, but are not limited to, slippery, loose and/or uneven surfaces; rocks being dislodged; falling; pushing through scrub; mud; foul weather; snow, ice and strong wind; risks associated with crossing creeks and rivers; hypothermia and heat exhaustion; bites; equipment failures; hunger; thirst; being lost or other delays and poor or no communication.

I agree, by completing this registration form or membership subscription form, to waive any claim for injury, death, damage or loss arising from any activities of the Launceston Walking Club.


 I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.