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25th March - Important Parks and Wildlife Message

Dear Club Members

If you are planning any walks in the foreseeable you should check the PWS website for the latest updates. These are constantly changing in response to COVID-19 measurements.

Kind regards,

President, LWC

23rd March 2020 - Cancellation of all upcoming walks until May.

Dear Club Members,

As you are no doubt aware the Government and the Chief Health Officer have announced increasing measures to try and curb the impact of corona virus on the population. As a result of these measures the Executive has reluctantly reached the decision to cancel all LWC activities until the end of April at this time. As you can imaging this was not an easy decision as we know that walking in the bush is a very safe and beneficial activity for us all. But as a Club we need to ensure that we are acting in the best interests of not only our Club members and their families but ensuring that we are acting in the best interests of the wider community, especially the most vulnerable. Hopefully it will not be too long before we are able to recommence our activities and enjoy the bush as a Club, although I suspect this will be longer than all of us would wish.

The Executive will continue to meet, via the virtual world and email to ensure the Club is in a strong position for when we are able to commence walks and other activities. We will keep you informed with regular updates and ensure we constantly review Government advice so we can recommence activities at the earliest possible time. A big thank you to all the Executive members who have put in a lot of work reviewing and keeping up to date with what has been occurring - not an easy task. I would like to thank all of you the members of the Club for your support and hopefully continued support as we negotiate this challenging time. In the meantime I urge all members and their families to stay safe and look after each other.

Kind regards,

President, LWC

18th March 2020 - Cancellation of LWC Meetings and Suspension of Club Bus use.

As you are all aware there have been rapid developments with the COVID-19 situation and much stronger public health messages. There is consensus amongst all public health officials that minimising social contact is the best way of reducing the ability of COVID-19 to spread rapidly and ensure vulnerable people have the best opportunity to be protected. In light of this the Executive Committee has decided to cancel all meetings throughout April. This will be reviewed on a regular basis and we will continue to be guided by our public health officials.

The Exec has also decided to suspend the use of the club bus during this period as we are not in a position to ensure it is cleaned to the level required to minimise transmission of the virus. It would also be difficult to maintain the appropriate 1.5m recommended person-to-person distance in the bus and to avoid people being in confined spaces for extended periods of time. As a result, all our trips until the end of April will be in private cars. Club members will need to be aware of the risks of being in a confined space for periods of time if they wish to share a car. For many members it will be safer to travel in their own car.

Members should register for trips using Register Now. Members who are unable to use Register Now should contact the coordinator directly. We expect changes to the trip program as circumstances change. We will endeavour to keep members updated on a regular basis through the use of email and Facebook. Hopefully we will be able to resume meetings and use of the bus in the not-too-distant future but we need to be prepared for a long period of uncertainty and rapid changes to our plans. I hope all members and their families stay safe during this difficult and unusual time.

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.


President LWC

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